Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Niece, the beauty queen

This weekend was so packed busy, I can barely keep my eyes open right now.

Saturday, Yasmine was in a beauty pageant, Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Greensboro. She did so well!! She won first place for the Most Photogenic and she placed 3rd runner up over all. That's amazing considering how many little girls that were participating. I'm so proud of her!! I entered a pageant very similar as this one when I was a teenager, except mine was for Miss Teen Raleigh and I know all too well the nerves that come along with it. She was so calm and cool, like she's done this sort of thing before. No way we are related, because I was always a nervous wreck when I competed in these things. Only if I could have her confidence, ya know? :) I'm looking at the future Miss America!! Or Miss Universe!! Oh lord, I really need a little girl! I wished I had better pictures, but all my pictures turned out so dark, so here are a couple.

Today we went to Concord to meet up with Kelly. Terry and Skylar wanted to tag along which I was happy about, until Skylar had a huge and I mean HUGE meltdown right in front of the Bass Pro shop. Oh my gosh, Terry thought it would be cute to place Skylar on the John Deere Tractor, because well, Skylar loves riding things and he always tries to get on Terry's lawnmower. Well, right when he did that, Terry had to use the bathroom (convenient huh?) and Kelly went to Circuit City real quick and so it was Skylar and me. I didn't want him on the lawnmower anymore, so right when I took him off the lawnmower, he flipped out. I immediately tried to put him in his stroller, so I could take him walking to calm him down and well, he scooted down so quickly in his stroller, I couldn't strap him in fast enough, and then his head got stuck for moment under the tray. This was all going on, while I was ALL by myself, Skylar was holding his breath, me sweating from head to toe and everyone staring at me. I mean, talk embarrassing, ha! Once Skylar got loose and slid all the way out of the stroller, he took a breath and then the screaming cries started. Again....everyone is still staring at me. Terry comes back after which seemed to be hours and says, what happened? :) We were going to visit Santa, but after that episode, we had to end our shopping trip early. Sorry Kelly!!

Here are some pics that I attempted to take for possible Christmas cards and well, he does not do well for me, ahah! Oh well...daycare pictures made the cut this year. :) You should receive them sometime this week. Better late than never, right?

I don't think so mom!

You want me to smile? What?

I'm done!


Jen said...

I am still laughing out loud! I know that those little "episodes" are not funny at the time but that is what memories are made of! Maybe it is something about Bass Pro Shop. We stopped there a cuple of weeks ago and my boys thought ito be a great place for a quick game of hide and seek :)

Anonymous said...

Do not feel bad about the melt downs!! I can't even hold both the girls by myself anymore b/c they are getting too big and so is my belly. Steven HAS to be with me. Besides that, ours are such drama queens, that if they get upset or start to cry, they start projectile vomiting- no matter where we are.... it's nasty! So, at least you don't have puke all over you after the melt down! That is always an eye catcher when we are out :) I love the pics in front of the tree... this year, we have the same issues (sitting still, hating santa..) Have a great Christmas!- Ali Parris

Crystal Johnson said...

Oh, the episodes!!!!! And they always seems to happen when you're alone and at the worst possible moment!!!!

Owen has the same singing bear that Skylar has in last few pictures.

Swiders said...

Congratulations to Yasmine!! Millie looks like such a proud mommy in the pictures with her!