Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in Marion to see Grandma, Grandpa and Papaw and the rest of the gang...

On Friday, we went to Marion to see Terry's side of the Presnell Gang and celebrate Christmas there. The food was wonderful!! I hate that I gained a billion pounds...I know I did too, because now my khakis are tight...ugh!

Skylar was spoiled big time. He got tons of clothes, his table and chair set and toys toys toys... We had to leave several of them there, because since I downsized my car, there was no room to bring everything back to Greensboro, ahha! Too funny! Everyone was so good to him and us. Even Ralphie got a present!

Skylar loved his cousin Jaden's Hulk gloves.

These are just a few presents that Skylar got, there were more....can you say spoiled!!!

Instead of opening his presents, he rather play with the bows. hah

Cousin Jaden putting up his dukes!

The 3 stooges! Jaden, Skylar and Xavier. Out of the million of pictures that I tried to capture of them 3, this was the best one, ahahah!

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Swiders said...

Funny about the "Christmas weight"...I went to the Dr. on Monday, Dec. 22nd, and again one week later on Monday, Dec. 29....THREE POUND GAIN IN ONE WEEK!!! No joke - but, I guess I knew what I was doing, didn't I :)