Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh my Gosh...Christmas is right around the corner!

So, I have been pretty bad in posting pics or posts for that matter.

**We have the tree up, most of our decorations up and most of the presents bought and wrapped. Just a little left to go and then we can relax.

Unfortunately, Terry has this big test for his work tomorrow and he's been studying late at work every day for the past 2 weeks. Nothing says studying until you wait until the last minute, ahah! Ahhhh....reminds me of college life, you? Anyhoo, in saying that, I have been busy, trying to keep the house clean, cooking/planning dinner, shopping for Xmas presents, wrapping them, keeping Skylar away from the tree(ugh), remembering to turn on the candle lights for the windows.... Next year, we are SOOO getting the timer ones, you know the ones that turn off during the day, but stay on at night? Yep...I need those pronto!

Anyhoo, I tried taking some good pics of the tree, but for some reason when I take the pictures, it looks like I have NO lights and we have 5 strands of 100 lights on there, so I'm baffled. Anyhoo, here are some ok pics. I noticed that some of my blogging friends have awesome tree toppers. I might have to look into something like that next year, but until then...

Before Pic, we weren't sure also if we needed the super yard, because of SKY-DOGG!!

Last years ornament. He was was a little over 3 months here

The infamous leg lamp, ahah!

A few of my cherished ornaments. About 95% of my ornaments came from fabulous places in the US or from other countries. Thanks Gina and Terry for your travel gifts to me! Others were handmade by Katie and her mom and then some we made with Skylar last year.

On to Skylar news...

He's growing so quickly. I take random pictures in the morning and he always has a waffle in his hands, ahah! Maybe, because I only find time in the morning to take pictures of him while he eats his small breakfast. He eats a bigger breakfast meal at daycare at 9. He's getting so tall too! Something funny he does now is when I sing if you're happy and you know it, he will stomp his feet. He always claps on que, but he never stomped his feet. Now, if I can get him to say hooray, haha!


Swiders said...

Your tree looks beutiful!!!

Gina said...

The tree looks great! And I love the fact that Skylar always has food in his hands when you catch him in midshot... waffles.... popsicles... LoL. He's so darn cute. 1 more day till I see my Sky-bug. BEWARE.... Spray Lysol in my wake... I'm coming home with a nasty cold.. grrrr. Will have to limit my time with the kids until I get over this thing. :(